I’ll miss the tartan umbrellas

You can use the motor to help, [but] not rely on it, so it helps you get up the hills. I love mine. Most places on the East Coast are hilly, and the assist makes riding fun no matter how many hills there are.”. The past couple of weeks have been eventful, but very enjoyable […]

You cannot say that for sure

Between these two Darling descendants they were able to identify all eight family members in the photograph and put the correct name to the correct person. Thus another research quest has been successfully solved with the help of the Kootenay Advertiser and a bit of electronic travelling around Canada. I have now located the Darling […]

There also a whopping 6GB of RAM

No entity can survive so long with so little control. My belief is that the monarchy extremely powerfull and have gone far beyond the need of the day to day power in which people make their comparisons and work on a much higher longterm level. The power they actually have terrifying.. supreme hats It doesn’t […]